Key dates!

1946: Dr. Hotz creates miraculous beauty formulas and actually enjoys a privileged clientele in his Paris institute du Faubourg St Honoré
1966: Mr Mas bought the Sothys Institute and gives new impetus to the company.
1971: Sothys products are made Meyssac Corrèze.
1974: Sothys launches moisturizing formula with Collagen! This revolutionary formula attracted many clients and beauticians.
1981: Creation of a subsidiary in the United States.
1985: Sothys Paris Institute moved from 163 to 128 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris.
1986: Creation of a subsidiary in Singapore.
1989: Creation of the new centre and Sothys Search Development.
2001: Sothys launches its prestige range: Secret de Sothys®. Excellence Program sensory body anti-aging face ...
2005: Les Jardins Sothys open their doors.
2008: Frederick and Christian Mas, son of Bernard Mas, take over the destiny of Sothys.
2011: The brand Sothys Paris celebrates 65 years of beauty!


07 . APRIL . 2017

Your Youth serum has never been so effective !*

At the cutting edge of innovation, Sothys Advanced Research was inspired by the latest-generation dermo-aesthetic techniques and now provides an unprecedented cosmetic solution*.

Serums combine high performance formulas concentrated with active ingredients for targeted action with textures designed to facilitate the absorption of the active ingredients and enable the layering of several products.

- The Unifying youth serum helps to reduce the appearance of colour imperfections and all types of pores, and to visibly smooth wrinkles on the skin surface.
- The Firming-specific youth serum helps to limit skin slackening to tone, firm and visibly lift the features.
- The Reconstructive youth serum envelopes the skin and intensely nourishes it, bringing greater density and vitality and improving all the signs of ageing.
- The Detoxifying anti-free radical youth serum is immediately absorbed to visibly protect the skin against free radicals and optimise cell renewal.
- The Wrinkle-specific youth serum helps visibly fill existing wrinkles, smooth the skin surface and limit signs of ageing.
- The Perfect shape youth serum instantly reshapes and protects the facial contours, and smoothes the décolleté.

Combining or alternating several serums allows to meet all of your requirements and give you real variety in your daily ritual.

Take a rendez-vous at your Sothys institute!

*At Sothys

07 . MARCH . 2017

Discover an exceptional treatment protocol inspired by ancestral Oriental rites.

Immerse yourself in a pure relaxing moment thanks to the new Sensations orientales Signature body treatment: a treatment inspired from Oriental and Hamman traditions combined with the Sothys spirit!

Discover a syrup to prepare the body for exfoliation then a modelling enriched with an exclusive Sothys gestural practiced with a scrubbing terracotta stone inspired from traditional oriental techniques.
A unique escaping moment with aromatic notes of myrrh and amber which leaves an unforgettable imprint in its trail.

Prolong this well-being moment at home with our 4 new products Amber & myrrh escape:
- the Nourishing body gel, its gel-to-oil melting texture caresses the skin in velvety softness.
- the Shower foam, its light and creamy texture leaves the skin soft and comfortable.
- the Oriental exfoliating paste, its original melting texture with rice grains and loofah fibers leaves the skin beautifully soft.
- the Beautifying legs enhancer, this amber gel instantly enhances the legs with a discreet tinted veil.

Take a rendez-vous at your Sothys institute to offer your body an escaping treatment!

23 . FEBRUARY . 2017

Bring out your inner chic adventurer!

Seek out new horizons through a make-up collection with summer colours inspired by the desert:
- 1 Calligraphy eyeliner with an intense colour for stylised eyes,
- 1 new Ombre Sothys, an incredibly divine eyeshadow with a safari shade between grey and kaki,
- 1 Bronzing powder, your new must-have for summer,
- 1 retractable Eyeshadow pencil with ultra-melting texture and iridescent finish for illuminated eyes in a single step,
- 2 Vernis à lèvres with an extra-comfort texture, a vinyl finish and the flamboyant and fresh two shades,
- 1 Vernis Sothys, to add the finale touch to your look with an intense and luminous colour.

Warm and luminous tones combined with strong and pure colours to discover in your Sothys institute.