Key dates!

1946: Dr. Hotz creates miraculous beauty formulas and actually enjoys a privileged clientele in his Paris institute du Faubourg St Honoré
1966: Mr Mas bought the Sothys Institute and gives new impetus to the company.
1971: Sothys products are made Meyssac Corrèze.
1974: Sothys launches moisturizing formula with Collagen! This revolutionary formula attracted many clients and beauticians.
1981: Creation of a subsidiary in the United States.
1985: Sothys Paris Institute moved from 163 to 128 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris.
1986: Creation of a subsidiary in Singapore.
1989: Creation of the new centre and Sothys Search Development.
2001: Sothys launches its prestige range: Secret de Sothys®. Excellence Program sensory body anti-aging face ...
2005: Les Jardins Sothys open their doors.
2008: Frederick and Christian Mas, son of Bernard Mas, take over the destiny of Sothys.
2011: The brand Sothys Paris celebrates 65 years of beauty!


23 . JULY . 2017

For this new season, Sothys mirrors the beauty that’s in you, enhancing your seductive allure.

Discover the new make-up seasonal collection with sophisticated and elegant shades:

•1 Blush Sothys: An innovative cream formula that transforms into a powder! Its old Rose shade warms up and brightens the complexion beautifully, for a guaranteed healthy glow!

•2 Duo smoky eyes: A smoky eye pencil and an eye contour pencil in matching shades for a chic and sophisticated look! Its two shades feutrine prune and gris zinc give you a sultry look by day…and by night!

•2 Rouge mat Sothys: the velvet effect lipstick! Comfortable velvet feel added to a matt, second-skin effect for bold, elegant and sophisticated make-up.

•1 Vernis Sothys to add the finale touch to your look with an intense and luminous colour.

Chic tones to discover in your Sothys institute!

05 . JULY . 2017

The summer is coming now. We are imaging delicious sun bathing…
Because sun exposure is not without risk for the skin's youth capital, Sothys purpose you an ultra-sensorial formulas to take care of your skin during and after sun exposure!


Discover our sun protection products SPF 20, 30, 50, a protection adapted to your needs.

Find all our sun protection products here:


- After-sun anti-ageing treatment: a light texture to envelop the skin in a veil of softness and maintain their youth capital.
- After-sun refreshing body lotion: Ultra creamy and melt-on-the-skin lotion to instantly comfort the skin after sun exposure.

Discover ours after sun exposure products here:

25 . MAY . 2017

At the cutting edge of innovation, Sothys Advanced Research was inspired by the latest-generation dermo-aesthetic techniques and now provides an unprecedented cosmetic solution* with its 6 new serums, each corresponding to a specific skin problematic.

What do you want:
I would like to preserve my face shape at every age.

The Perfect shape Youth serum, with its enveloping texture, instantly reshapes and protects the facial contours and smoothes the décolleté.

Lifting effect 88% satisfaction**
Refining effect 84% satisfaction ***
Smoothing effect on the décolleté 100% satisfaction ***
Helps push back a lift-type intervention for 76% of users ***

Your Youth serum has never been so effective !*

Combining or alternating several Youth serums and Sothys Anti-ageing creams allows to meet all of your requirements and give you real variety in your daily ritual.

Take a rendez-vous at your Sothys institute to receive your customised recommandation!

* At Sothys
** Self-evaluation carried out on 19 people after twice-daily use of the Perfect shape Youth serum for 1 month.
*** Self-evaluation carried out on 17 people after twice-daily use of the Perfect shape Youth serum for 2 months.