La crème - Premium youth cream

This exceptional youth skincare reveals some of its secrets as soon as it is applied: its wonderful active texture forms a biomimetic satin film with a lifting effect on the skin’s surface and its delicate fragrance is an invitation to a feeling of well-being.

  • Active ingredients

    Peach leaf glucanes

    A guenine cellular coach to reinforce the skin’s natural defences.

    Red Algae

    Rich in linear galactanes, to preserve cellular longevity.

    Hypnea algae rich in galactanes

    To contribute to the quality of the dermis and to restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

    Extract of retinol-like chicory

    Epidermal skin surface perfector derived from M3.0 peptides – chicory complex.

  • Use

    Apply morning and evening using light strokes over the face and neck.

  • Scents



  • Benefits

    Day after day, this universal cream treats the skin to a complete action on youth to combat the visible signs of ageing. Record efficiency, day after day: - Smoothing: +37% (experimental scoring*) - Improved firmness: +30% (clinical measurements using a cutometer*) * on 20 people after 30 days of twice daily application

Product for : Skin type - All skin types